Are you missing a regular but essential tool in your daily life? You try to put the finest cut through given metal but still, things get messy because you lack proper tools. Well, here is the best solution to your problems. In this article, we are going to review Best Hacksaw for Metal.

Hacksaw is a very simple yet useful tool. It is a single toothed saw which is associated with a durable grip.

It is a manual hand driven device. For your convenience, we have tried to enhance our review list with the best quality hacksaws. You will find the hacksaw which will make your life easier than before on this list.

Enough with the little talks, it is time we jump into details. Let’s take a look at what our best hacksaw list comes with to make our life easier.

1.Starrett K145 High Tension Hacksaw
2.DEWALT DWHT20547L Hacksaw
3.Klein 702-12 Hacksaw
4.Milwaukee 48-22-0012 Compact Hacksaw
5.LENOX 12132HT50 High-Tension Hacksaw
6.Bahco 325 Professional Hacksaw
7.Stanley STHT20138 High Tension Hacksaw
8.TEKTON 6823 High-Tension Hacksaw

*12-Inch Bi-metal Ground *Tooth Blade.
*Closed ergonomic grip.
*Four angle mounting pins available.
*High tension blade.
*Ergonomic rubber handle.

If you are searching a name of comfort, nothing could beat the competition rather than Starrett K145.

K145 is a closed grip hacksaw. It is built keeping the ultimate comfort of users in mind. This simple hacksaw is featured with a 12-inch bi-metal unique ground tooth blade. It makes it divinely perfect for being a regular company in your workshop.

As for the tension, Starrett K145 blade can hold tension up to 28,000 psi. You can easily cut through hard metals and soft ones with this hacksaw. Not only that, for your convenience, four permanently angled mounting pins are available with this tool. It gives you the opportunity to go easy cutting with both straight and angle cuts.

Adjustment lever is one of the trickiest things users face while using a hacksaw. Well, guess what K145 makes it even easier for you to use the adjustment lever. You can easily gain control over your hacksaw with efficient use of the adjustment lever.

If you are worrying too much about how the grip should be! Well, here is the answer for you. This best hacksaw comes with a comfortable rubber handle. It allows ergonomic grip for you and gives you more freedom to work.

The advanced design of this hacksaw prevents unwanted twisting and binding allowing you a better work policy with Starrett.

It comes with a minimum budget and loads of great feature. If budget is the second factor you consider, we suggest you should get this model.

  • Comfortable grip.
  • Precise cuts.
  • Enables high tension.
  • Prevents twisting and binding.
  • Unique blade.
  • Heavy as reported by many users.

*24tpi 12 inch bi-metal blade.
*High tension enables the blade to hold up to 330 pounds.
*Two blade positions (45 degree) and (90 degree).
*Ergonomic handle grip.

Dewalt DWHT20547L is a life-saving hack saw. It makes your work easier with its two blade positions. One blade position offers you standard cuts with 45-degree blade angle while another position makes you flush cuts with 90-degree blade angle.

The major characteristic of Dewalt DWHT20547L is the high tension it provides for your workplace. Dewalt DWHT20547L holds blades up to 330 pounds.

However, Dewalt DWHT20547L offers you a 12-inch bi-metal blade that is durable enough for your heavy task.

Dewalt is always concerned with their consumers’ experiences. Hence, to make your journey easier, this tool comes with an ergonomic bi-material comfortable grip. This feature won’t make you tired even after you keep working for longer periods.

Every cut you make with DWHT20547L is a work of perfection. You can cut up to 120mm through your desired workpiece. As it comes with a low profile, this tool is suitable for doing a

great job in tight space without any disturbance. For the availability of long reach, the blade is capable of attaching to the front frame.

You can use the front handle as a jab saw.

Order today to turn yourself as one of the satisfied users of Dewalt. Trust us; you won’t feel denied. DWHT20547L is the best hacksaw for metal.

  • Offers you better and specific cuts
  • Ergonomic comfortable grip.
  • The bi-metal blade gives more durability
  • Suitable for tight spaces and longer reach
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • May get a little heavy for users.

*12-inch blade with 24 TPI.
*6-Inch reciprocating blade with 24 TPI.
*High tension 30,000 PSI.
*45-degree mounting for flash cuts.
*Comfortable grip.
*Made in China.

Klein hacksaws are one step ahead. They provide users with the feeling of elegant design and utmost comfort. Well, Klein 702-12 is not an exceptional also.

Klein 702-12 is a 12 inch bladed hacksaw. The blade is equipped with 24 teeth per inch (TPI). It makes Klein 702-12 the perfect hacksaw for cutting through any hard material (even plastics) you want.

Klein 702-12 is a versatile tool. It comes with a 6-inch reciprocating blade which also has 24tpi. This allows you to cut through places you never imagined to reach before.

This high tension hacksaw lets you hold blades up to 30,000 PSI which is really high enough to give you accurate and precise cuts with adjustable settings.

Klein 702-12 is focused on retaining your comfort. Hence, it comes with an aluminum handle that is patented with the soft light grip. It ensures a better workplace without any muscle fatigue.

For flush cuts, you will have alternative 45-degree mounting. However, while most Klein tools are made in the USA, this one is an exception. It is made in China. But there is no need to worry because it serves the purpose pretty well.

  • Gives you precise and accurate cuts
  • Suitable for cutting through hard materials
  • Can reach restricted places
  • High Tension feature
  • Soft patented grip
  • Not suitable for close quarters
  • As most users are happy with the service, some have reported unexpected experience with the quality of this tool. But Klein, however, will take care of it if you face any issues.

*Compact in Size.
*10-Inch blade.
*5-Inch handle.
*Ergonomic rubber handles.
*Adjustable Blade.

Milwaukee 48-22-0012 is an easily usable hacksaw. This compact hacksaw is perfect to fit in restrictive areas with the easiness of control.

This best mini hacksaw comes with a short 5-inch blade. It comes in great use with the ability to retract the 10-inch blade. You can enhance the use of this blade and improve your portability.

Added 10-inch blade can be used to cut through woods and different metals like brass or softwoods. However, due to being compact in size, you may find this tool not appropriate for carrying out larger and heavy projects.

Milwaukee 48-22-0012 comes with an intuitive design feature which allows you to replace blades easily. This feature is associated with a lever on top of the saw. By flipping down, this lever releases the blade making the job easier for you. It makes the job 10x faster for you.

The ergonomic plastic handle is the unique selling point of this best mini hacksaw. Coated with rubber, this handle serves its best purpose in a slippery condition. Users, all over the world are proven to be impressed with the grip control they have felt.

Served with a lifetime warranty, you will enjoy every bit of this compact hacksaw’s use.

  • Mini in size
  • Fits in tight space
  • The 10-inch blade can be adjusted
  • Comfortable grip
  • Can cut through woods or even metals sometimes
  • Due to the size, it may not be fit for heavy projects

*12 inch 24 TPI blade.
*Rubberized Handle.
*I-Beam Construction.
*Tension Capacity: 50,000 PSI.
*Rubber Grip.

Lenox 1213HT50 High-Tension Hacksaw is one of a kind. With standard design comes high-class performance.

Lenox 12132HT50 hacksaw uses I-Beam construction which is best known for handling the utmost load. This blade can hold tension up to 50,000 psi that surpasses a majority of hacksaws.

It comes with a 12-inch hacksaw blade with 24 TPI. However, it can store up to 5 extra hacksaws of similar length in the I-Beam.

More features lead you to the ultimate flexibility with this hacksaw. You can do a variety of jobs, in the meantime with less worry to arrange new blades for your hacksaw. In fact, a reciprocating saw blade can also be used as a jab saw with this tool.

One most attractive and effective feature this tool offers is the attachment of a reliable rubber handle. This can provide you with great service under wet or cold environments. Besides, this rubberized handle increases your confidence with grip control while you work.

Lenox 12132HT50 is made in the USA, as dreamed by many users. With 12132HT50, you will get professional straight cuts within your budget and quality service.

  • Professional and quality cuts
  • Comfortable handle, suitable for wet places also
  • I-Beam construction
  • Tension capacity is surprisingly high
  • Durable in nature, stable in quality
  • May seem sturdy at first use
  • Some customers have faced reliability issues while using it. But Lenox support team will handle if any situation appears

*Ergonomic Design.
*12 Inch 24 TPI blade.
*55-degree blade mounting.
*Quick blade release mechanism.
*Unique handle for comfortable use.

As the name said ‘Professional,’ Bahco 325 can be a good company for your professional uses. This hacksaw is entirely designed with ergonomic configuration. That enables the hacksaw for sustaining extremely high blade tension.

If money isn’t a factor to you and reliability is what you want, we suggest you pick up this model and enhance your workplace. Bahco 325 is featured with a 12-inch 24TPI bi-metal blade which is beyond sharp.

There is no denying that Bahco 325 handle is the unique one that is available in the market now. It is durable and fit to do any types of hard task you expect to do.

As we said, earlier this hacksaw is featured with complete ergonomic configuration. This hacksaw is so unique in design that it won Silver Award from the Industrial Designers Society America. It provides you with precise, fast and straight cuts like the professionals. With this hacksaw, flush cutting is enabled with a 55-degree blade mounting.

Bahco 325 is featured with single touch spring-loaded blade release mechanism. It offers you a quick blade changing feature.

The tension lever is located on the handle. This makes it very easy and pliable to use. You can get easy and trouble free cut that is profoundly guaranteed.

However, there seems to be no warranty period for this product. This is a minor issue though. But for some, it may not be accepted.

  • Professional and precise cuts
  • Easy to change blades.
  • Unique ergonomic design
  • High tension
  • Ideal for professionals.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • Expensive

*12-Inch fixed blade.
*Adjustable blade angles (90 degree and 180 degree).
*Blade tension capacity 225 pounds.
*Cutting Depth – 4.375 Inches.
*Solid metal frame configuration.

Stanley is a reliable name in your regular needs. STHT20138 is not exceptional too. Stanley STHT20138 provides you with the highest comfort with quality support.
This high tension hacksaw is featured with a 12-inch fixed blade. It can cut up to 4.375 inches in deep into your work surface. About the tension, as we have said earlier, this hacksaw is capable of handling tension up to 225 pounds.

Blade adjustment is accompanied with flexible blade angles. 90-degree and 180-degree blades angles are available for having pure flush cuts.

This hacksaw is designed with pure solid metal frame. This is what makes this tool perfect for handling tension this high. Solid metal frame doesn’t only add value to high tension but also prolongs the life of this product. You can have more projects done with one single hacksaw.

The handle is pretty comfortable to work with. Stanley STHT20138 comes with a full grip handle that allows you better control and flexibility while you work. Undeniably, this is a true factor.

People who are concerned with the budget as well as with the quality also, this hacksaw is the perfect selection to them. It can cut into deeper lengths with proper adjustable options.

  • High tension
  • Adjustable blade capacity.
  • Durable
  • Impressive support and quality.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • May not be suitable for heavy projects.

*Two-handed control.
*18 TPI blade.
*Offers two blade positions (90 degrees and 40 degrees)
*High tension (400 Pounds)

Tekton 6823 is a durable high tension compact hacksaw. With versatile features, Tekton 6823 offers two blade positions. This feature allows you to have straight and standard cuts (90-degree) with cutting flush against the surface (40-degree). However, Tekton 6823 supports a 12-inch blade.

You can position the blade at high tension and prevent twisting. It guarantees you fast and true cuts any time you work with this tool. Tekton 6823 allows high tension up to 400 pounds.

As for the grip, you will not be disappointed at all. Tekton 6823 comes with a non-slip durable rubber grip on the handle. But this is not enough; the front frame of this tool offers two-handed control. Ultimate flexibility is the unique characteristic of this tool.

Moreover, this useful hacksaw stores up to 6 blades in the handy main beam storage compartment. This main beam is square shaped, and it is made of strong steel configuration.

Overall, reviewed by many happy users, they are satisfied with Tekton 6823 service. It offers you better reliability all the way for your personal and professional applications.

  • High Tension
  • Lifetime guarantee by Tekton
  • Non-slip durable grip.
  • Offers two blade positions.
  • Tekton 6823 comes with an aluminum cast frame for doing difficult jobs. However, aluminum has its own limitation, and the users should be aware of it
  • But then again, a group of unethical people places cheap Tekton 6823 on the same price as the advanced model. When this happens, Tekton will be customer support team will be dedicated to solving the issue

Here Is What You Should Do For Pick out The Best Hacksaw

A hacksaw is, more or less, the need of everyone. We all need a good quality hacksaw at the moment of cutting woods or pipes or metal in some cases. While we want to have a clean finish with our projects, a good hacksaw must have some quality characteristics as well.

Things you need to focus before buying a hacksaw are highlighted below:

1) Blade:

Types of blades can vary depending upon the nature of your work. However, quality hacksaws are those that accept a variety of blade types.

As a potential buyer, you should also examine the nature of the blades personally. Getting a full observation over the construction of the blade, TPI, length, teeth distribution, metal characteristics can help you a lot understand the durability of your blade.

For example, fine teeth blades are suitable for thin objects while larger teeth blades are meant for thicker material.

Do consider these factors before you decide to buy the best hacksaw for your workplace.

2) Tension:

Blade tension is one of the major factors to keep in mind. High tension blades can offer you more features and better performance than the ones that have lower tensions.

Blade tensions for hacksaws can rise up to 50,000 PSI or more.

However, to retain the efficiency of your projects, you shouldn’t buy hacksaws that offer blade tension below 30,000 PSI.

3) Handle:

A comfortable handle can add a lot more value to your work. You may face repetitive disturbing issues such as wet hands, slippery issues while you work. These things can work as a barrier to having the most delicate cut on your work board. However, a good hacksaw should provide a comfortable and ergonomic handle.

I suggest getting a comfortable environment out of your hacksaws. A user should focus on getting the rubberized handle hacksaws. These handles are useful both in the cold and in summer. Also, make sure handles provide enough space to hold your hand.

However, prices for an advanced handle may vary a little than hacksaws that come with average quality handles.

4) Frame:

Do not overlook the quality of frames while you choose a hacksaw. Right frames should have sturdy metal construction.

Frames can be of two types:

A) Fix
B) Adjustable

Fix frames only house a fixed length of blade. While you work with fix frame hacksaws, you can not change the length of blades to adjust with the nature of your work.

Adjustable frames, on the other hand, accommodate blades of different lengths. You can easily adjust the length of your blade and work according to the nature of your projects.

Before buying one, do consider the type of hacksaw you project needs first.


What Are Hacksaws Used For?
Hacksaws are a regular need in our life. We need hacksaws to provide clean and nice cuts to a wooden surface, cut through plastic pipes even metals to some extents. It is used to have accurate and precise shapes to the different material surface.

How Do You Use A Hacksaw Safely?
For clean cuts, use strokes directed away from you. While using a hacksaw, use the whole length of the blades to cut the workboard.
For harder materials, stroke with your hacksaw slowly. After using a hacksaw, make sure you clean and cover it and keep it in a dry and humidity free place.

What Are The Types Of A Hacksaw?
There are three types of hacksaws available in the market:

1) Circular Saw.
2) Reciprocating Saw.
3) Band Saw.

What Are The Different Parts Of A Hacksaw?
A hacksaw consists of three different parts. That are:

1) Blade: Blades cut through your workpiece.
2) Handle: Ergonomic handle that allows you to hold the grip.
3) Frame: Body of the hacksaw that holds the blade and the handle.

Hacksaws make our life easier. With the help of hacksaws, we don’t have to waste time for our regular projects. A good hacksaw can cut off a lot of hassles for you. This is why it is necessary to learn about them and choose the best hacksaw that suits your need.

We hope you will find the hacksaw that you need from our list above. Anyway, you can also gather information about hacksaws in our buyer’s guide and FAQ section.

To learn more about useful power tools, check out our other blogs as well.

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