Are you looking for the best cutting killer circular saw for your workshops? Guided through many but still can not get an ideal one?

Then, you are in the right place.

Today, we are going to provide the killer circular saw buyer’s guide for you. After reading this article, you will know which one is the right one for you.

But in terms of what do you really know to what extent you can use a circular saw for?

Well, circular saws are saws with circular blades. These machines have been helping humankind in the long term now. And we have become so used to it that any time when we can need them, it has to be within our reach.

Circular saws help you to gain more power and make your decoration a classy piece of work.

You can use it for making cabinets to flourish your carpentry.

In the article below we have selected the top 10 professional circulars saw that would make your lifestyle easier.

Let’s see what we have in the case.

1. Dewalt Lightweight Circular Saw With Electric Brake
2. DEWALT DCS391B 20-Volt Circular Saw
3. Makita XSS02Z Circular Saw
4. SKIL 5280-01 – Best Circular Saw for the Money
5. PORTER-CABLE PCE300 Heavy Duty Circular Saw
6. Milwaukee Fuel Circular Saw
7. Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw
8. Genesis GCS545C Compact Circular Saw
9. Ryobi P506 Cordless Circular Saw
10. WORX WORXSAW Compact Circular Saw

Dewalt is a well-respected name among the tool lovers. They have been ruling the floor almost for a century now.

Today we are going to review one of their best circular saws DWE575SB DEWALT Circular Saw With Brake.

As the name says, this saw is extremely lightweight and comes with a modern electric brake.

This was just the beginning. Let’s get to its features in detail


  • This electric brake circular saw comes with 15 A motor. It delivers power up to 1950 Max Watt Out under the toughest load. With an RPM rated to 5100, you can use this circular saw for almost anything.
  • The electric brake makes it one of the ideal saw. For anybody, this saw comes very well balanced and smooth in operation. The electric brake stops the blade only after the trigger is released.
  • The lower guard comes with a ball. It gives the machine more durable design. Dust contamination and smooth retraction are two of the essential facilities this machine offers.
  • This machine comes with a high grade stamped aluminum shoe which provides the user with a durable and smooth base. You can cut through anything accurately with this machine.
  • The dust blower feature maintains a clean and visible sightline all the way you work.
  • This magnificent saw features 57-degree bevel capacity. It is accompanied with 22.5 and 45-degree detents. It helps you to work with a variety of applications.
  • The depth capacity is 2 9/16 inch. You can easily cut through walls to exterior finishing. Many people used the Dewalt circular saw, and each one of them was satisfied.
  • This astounding saw is also featured with ToughCord system. It has three times more resistance to the cord.
  • The blade is 100% gluten-free steel with carbide tip teeth. It provides you with accuracy and fastest cuts.
  • The ergonomic handle offers you a better grip while you work. And the trigger actuation gets the hold of the trigger more precisely and accurately.
  • It also carries a hand carrying case for easy portability. The package includes 7-1/4 inch circular saw, blade wrench, carbide-tipped 7-1/4 inch circular saw blade, user instruction manual, contractor bag.
  • Extremely lightweight (8.8 Pounds)
  • ToughCord System
  • Dust Blower
  • Travel Case
  • Compact and Easy
  • Durable Aluminium Base Plate
  • Dust Control Can Get Dirty.

Next one in our list is also from Dewalt. This Dewalt 20-volt max circular saw comes with outstanding usability for the users.

This sturdy DeWalt dcs391 circular saw is one of the most advanced and durable circular saw now.

The Li-Ion battery makes its usability even more extreme for you.

Now, let’s get on the features below. You will get a better idea of its robustness.


  • This circular saw is featured with a powerful 460 MWO. The special 5,150 RPM motor delivers the fastest speed you could ever get anywhere else.
  • Its shoe is constructed with magnesium, known mostly for its durability. This feature makes your workplace a better experience for the long cutting time.
  • The bevel capacity is featured with 0-50 degree. It approves aggressive cuts with more accuracy and suitable power.
  • The comfortable grip is assisted with over-molded optimized rubber. It provides better balance and control over your workplace.
  • This cordless circular saw eliminates the use of the cord. You can easily carry it anywhere from the power source and use it accordingly.
  • The blade is carbide tipped, most healthy for your saw. It cuts two times more materials (2-¼ and 1-⅝ inch respectively ) at 90 and 45 degrees. However, the blade is only 6.5 inch in height.
  • The 20V Li-Ion battery makes it one of the most powerful circulars saw among all other cordless saws of this brand.
  • Moreover, the emergency stop on the blade lets you stop the blade right after you stop working. This brake will stop the brake within a few seconds.
  • It is even lighter. This astounding machine holds a weight of only 7.1 pounds.
  • Greater speed and power
  • Cordless tool
  • Multiple cutting angles
  • Emergency brake
  • Rubberized grip offers more durability
  • Battery and chargers come separately
  • Vertical cuts can be a threat

Makita is the following renowned organization for manufacturing power tools. Built over a century ago, they are one of the leading corporations for their high power tools.

Our selection among many of the successful Makita products is the XSS02Z Makita cordless brushless circular saw.

Today we are going to review this best Makita cordless circular saw as our next selection.

This cordless circular saw comes with the lithium-ion battery. It gives you fast speed within a quick flow of time. Let’s keep apart for our feature section below.


  • This best Makita cordless circular saw comes with a 6-½ inch circular saw. It delivers uninterrupted cutting power to your workplace.
  • This high torque motor provides an RPM with a range of 3700. It allows you to cut faster and operate smoother.
  • This machine will cut 2X faster on robust materials at 45 degrees.
  • This cordless machine eliminates the hassles to use wires. You can use this machine anywhere of your home or project shop without having to wait for a power source.
  • The 18V Lithium-Ion battery comes with the fastest charging delay in its type. You can easily lag zero time for it’s charging and have more cuts on your work.
  • This machine even weights lighter than our first top pick. It comes with only a weight of 7.5 pounds.
  • The 6-1/2″ blade delivers a 2-1/4″ cutting capacity. It offers you a variety of opportunities for precise cuts.
  • This heavy gauge circular machine has a bevel capacity of 50-degree maximum.
  • Lightweight
  • Strong Li-Ion Battery
  • Durable
  • Gives smooth cuts
  • More accuracy
  • Fast speed
  • It is Cordless
  • Battery and chargers come separately
  • Dust blowing can be an issue

4. SKIL 5280-01 - Best Circular Saw for the Money

SKIL 5280-01 - Best Circular Saw.jpg

Skil circular saw 15 AMP is a powerful circulating tool. It offers you greater speed with great possibilities.

With 5280-01 Skil circular saw blade, you can optimize your work in any way you want.

Because our tool here offers you the greatest flexibility in the market.

Let’s check out the features below:


  • * With a powerful 15 AMP motor, this best circular saw blade tool offers you the fastest cuts and greater speed than any other saw blade of the same type.
  • * The 5300 RPM is effective enough to provide you with a cleaner and smoother and precise cuts.
  • * At 90 degree angle of the saw, this machine comes with a cutting depth of 2 7/16 inch.
  • * Whereas at 45 degrees, your cutting depth will be accompanied with 1 15/16 inches.
  • * The bevel can be adjusted up to 45 degrees. It is enough to handle any cutting tasks.
  • * The dust blower feature offers you better visibility of your workplace. The chance of the second attempt lessens down to almost zero with this tool.
  • * This circular saw is featured with a perfect laser guide. It helps you to get straight cuts in the midst of any heavy workflow.
  • * The blade is equipped with a 7- ¼ inch carbide tipping. It is strong and durable with 24 teeth.
  • * The spindle lock lets you change blades without any hard efforts.
  • * The 51-degree bevel capacity is more than you can think of. You can get a variety of tasks done with this circular saw blade.
  • * This machine is also featured with a guarded trigger. This may not be as comparable as to the electric brake. But it sure eliminates the possibilities of accidental start-ups.
  • * This tool comes with a 6-foot tall cord. You can fetch and move it almost anywhere of your home or workshop.
  • * It has a weight of 8.7 Pounds, which makes it a little heavier than the rest of our selections.
  • Well balanced
  • Straight and smooth cuts
  • Handles any types of hard tasks
  • Long cord accompanies bigger length of work.
  • Comes with laser guide
  • Better visibility
  • Guided triggers
  • No electric brake
  • Low RPM of its type

5. PORTER-CABLE PCE300 Heavy Duty Circular Saw

PORTER-CABLE PCE300 Heavy Duty Circular Saw.jpg

Next one in our list is purely for heavy duties. Porter Cable is an American company. It is best known for the powerful tools they create.

We have selected their Portable-Cable PCE300 Circular Saw for the amendment of your workplace.

This machine comes with powerful usability. You can carry out almost everything with it.

Let’s dig into the features of this machine


  • *This heavy-duty circular saw comes with a powerful 15 AMP motor. This motor has the capacity to run at an RPM of 5500. This is enough to carry out any types of heavy duty projects.
  • * The stamped steel shoe is featured with an optimum sight of the line. It provides accurate cuts for the users and durable construction for the machine. The shoe is also flat and smooth.
  • * The spindle lock allows you to change the blades easily. It avoids any kinds of disturbance while placing the blade also.
  • * With this machine, you get the maximum cut capacity of 2-⅜ inch at 90 degrees. And 1-13/14 inch at 45 degrees. The cut capacity is, however, more or less the same for porter cable circular saws.
  • * The 45-degree maximum bevel adjustment allows you to get any types of tasks done easily.
  • * Maximum depth cut at 90 degrees is 2-½ inch.
  • * The comfortable ergonomic grip allows you to get better control of your workplace.
  • * The weight is, however, 9.5 pounds that are slightly heavier than the last saw we mentioned here.
  • Incredibly cheap (60$ only)
  • Fast and smooth
  • (Best at its price) Comfortable grip
  • Powerful motor
  • Durable
  • Applicable for any kinds of tough projects
  • This is the best in the budget. Some advanced features may be unavailable here. But however, this is the coolest thing you will ever get in 60$
  • Low RPM of its type

6. Milwaukee Fuel Circular Saw

Milwaukee Fuel Circular Saw.jpg

Milwaukee is a leading name in manufacturing power tools. They have a vast collection of a variety of tools starting from cordless to corded handtools.

In our selection, we have nominated Milwaukee compact circular saw 2730-20 M18 brushless circular saw.

This is compact brushless machinery that will help you guide your workplace just the way you want.

Our Milwaukee circular saw guide would help you gain full access to different features of this useful tool.


  • * Milwaukee M18 brushless circular saw is one of a kind. It is the fastest of its category. It is stronger than all other 18 V cordless circular saws out there. And comes with 3 times more durable feature.
  • * It is featured with REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence: which is the most advanced electronic system in the market. It allows you to get maximized performance from your tool.
  • * The battery pack is featured with extended REDLITHIUM™ XC5.0. It offers you up to 2.5X more operating time. You can get more work per charge with it.
  • * It is a powerful POWERSTATE brushless motor. This amazing machinery can give you up to 20 % more power and 4 times run time than any other competitor tools.
  • * The 6 ½ inches circular blade offers you more durable and smooth motion.
  • * An integrated LED light comes with this excellent tool. You can get better visibility of your workspace in no time.
  • * Moreover, being the fastest and most durable machinery outrunning the market, this machine weighs only 8.4 pounds.
  • Extremely light
  • Faster than any other tools in the market.
  • Durable
  • Serves for long work hours
  • Offers better visibility
  • Provides ultimate protection for overloading, overheating and overcharging.
  • It is not appropriate for cutting 2 by lumber.
  • There can be issues with Allen key storage

7. Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw

Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw.jpg

Rockwell Automation is an American provider. They provide, design and produce different types of equipment.

In our selection, we have picked up, Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw. It is both lights in weight and comes in great power for your project shops.

Let’s look at the features below


  • * This Rockwell mini circular saw comes with a powerful 120 V 5 AMP electric motor. Being a miniature of the circular saws, it is actually a very robust and powerful machine.
  • * The RPM is supported with 3500 rotation per minute. Although it is the lowest among the ones, we have reviewed so far. But for a 4 and ½ inch bladed mini circular saw, this is really very crazy!
  • * This Rockwell mini circular saw is extremely light in weight. You can easily transport them from one place to another. It weighs only 5 pounds. This saw is 50% lighter than the conventional circular saws.
  • * The blade is designed to be left-handed. This 4-½ inch blade comes with great flexibility and operational activities. It provides astounding visibility of your cut line.
  • * The left-handed grip is slim and designed to be inline. It provides greater comfort, control and balance for your workspace. You can easily maneuver it for overhead cuts, plunged cuts and others.
  • * This saw can cut up to 1 – 11/16 inch being operational at 90 degrees. However, at 45 degrees the bevel capacity is 1 – ⅛ inch. You can easily cut 2-inch lumber materials with this tool.
  • Extremely light
  • Gives better control
  • Slim grip
  • Equal balance
  • Powerful motor
  • Comfortable to manage
  • A lot of key features are missing
  • Price can seem over costly for this tool

8. Genesis GCS545C Compact Circular Saw

Genesis GCS545C Compact Circular Saw.jpg

Next one in our list is GCS545C Genesis Compact Circular Saw. Genesis tools are the child product of a South Carolina based corporation. They have been releasing fantastic power tools since 2003.

GCS545C is one of the best compact circular saws out there. It offers robust effectiveness with a size smaller than others. Let’s get into the features.


  • * This useful genesis compact circular saw comes with a powerful motor rating 5.8 AMP 120 V motor. This motor gives you 3500 RPM to support any types of projects you want.
  • * The triple gear reduction system offers you maximum torque and power. You can easily cut through 2X materials with this lightweight, compact machine.
  • * The ergonomic control grip is 4 and ½ inches. It fits comfortably inside your grip and offers better control and flexibility over your workspace.
  • * The sawing blade is tipped with tungsten carbide. It offers you maximum durability and strength. This 4 ½ inch blade is perfect for getting mini projects done which requires cutting 2X materials.
  • * This mini machine is a combo! It comes with a Built-In Dust port and vacuum adapter. It keeps your work area out of dirt and debris. And the vacuum adapter keeps your workspace, table, and benchtop out of the debris.
  • * The most amazing feature with this circular saw is that you get to have versatile blades with it. One is 24T TCT (GACSB451), and another one is 60T HSS Saw Blade (GACSB452).
  • * Maximum cutting depth of this handy tool is as same as the one before. You can cut up to 1-11/16 inch at 90 degrees and 1- ⅛ inch at 45 degrees.
  • Extremely light
  • Ergonomic control grip
  • Collects dust and keeps your workspace clean
  • Gets well with a tight spot and disorganized cuts
  • Powerful enough to cut through copper and aluminum
  • Budget-friendly
  • May not be applicable for versatile uses

9. Ryobi P506 Cordless Circular Saw

Ryobi P506 Cordless Circular Saw.jpg

Ryobi is a Japanese manufacturer company. They are specialized in making pro power tools and outdoor products.

We have selected Ryobi P506 Circular Saw in our preference. This cordless circular saw is your next hand tool.


  • * This 18V Lithium-Ion battery driven circular saw comes with effective performance. It is featured with 4,700 RPM which is strong enough to have your project shops done.
  • * The comfortable ergonomic grip is rubber molded. You can easily grip and control this tool. Even when your hand is slippery, this potential grip offers a solution for it.
  • * You can easily adjust the depth using the easy access knobs. You can adjust the depth up to 1 9/16 inch. Also, modify your bevel angle up to 50 degrees from 0.
  • * When you start the tool, it generates a red line on your work surface. You can easily detect your sewing line and make more precise cuts.
  • * Although featured with Lithium Ion Battery, this mini cordless circular saw is compatible with many batteries (including the P100, P101, P102, P103, P104, P105, P107, and P108).
  • * The blade is located on the left side of this tool. This variation offers you better adjustment to your work.
  • * The tool kit includes a 5-½ inch blade and a blade wrench.
  • Cordless
  • Adjustable to many batteries
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Prevents slippery issues
  • Easy access knobs
  • Extremely light
  • Budget-friendly
  • Low power rating

The Worx is, however, is still not a renowned name in the market. But it has already gained the attention of many professionals.

The Worx worxsaw compact circular saw is a good option for people who would like to carry out a lightweight job around their home.

It has a variety of applications with examples all around us. You can trim small tree branches, cut up pallets with it.

Let’s get to the features of this special product now


  • * This Worx compact circular saw comes with a maneuverable 4.5-inch blade. This 120 V compact saw weighs below 5 pound which is 50 % less than most other traditional saws.
  • * This corded Worx saw compact circular saw comes with an RPM of 3500. Which is, in fact, satisfying enough for a mini compact circular saw.
  • * For the adjustment feature, it comes with easy set depth gauge lever and a bevel setting up to 45 degrees starting from 0.
  • * This Worx compact saw is, however, suitable cutting through 2X lumbers. You can easily cut wood, metal, tile and however, plastics also with this handful tool.
  • * The blade is located at left. This allows you to get better cut line visibility. The vacuum adapter, however, keeps your table, workplace and its surroundings debris free.
  • * The grip is associated with integrated safety trigger. It allows you to get more comfort, balance, and control over your workplace.
  • * The package includes: a 4-½ inch saw, carbide tipped blade, parallel guide, vacuum adapter, and Allen key.
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Comes with vacuum adapter
  • Safety trigger
  • Durable carbide tipped blade
  • Cut up to 2 inches
  • Not suitable for rough uses

Buyers Guide of Circular Saw

Circular saws help us guide through our work surface with proper proportions. With a circular saw near at hand, it gets really to get decorative tasks done easily.

However, you should get aware of the essential features & functionalities of the saw to get better performance and durability from it.

Hence, it is necessary to get aware of individual parts and functionalities of your saw to get the best out of it.

In this part of the article, I will talk about some essential features of a circular saw. You should consider noticing these features before you buy your first circular saw.

Bevel Capacity and Bevel Adjustment:

A bevel cut is a position where the blade is not perpendicular in position with the surface. In today’s circular saws, this is a mandatory feature. You can not, in fact, get no usability from your circular saw if it doesn’t support bevel cuts.

For example, to make a cut at 90 degrees with a 7 ½ inch blade, your circular saw has to have the capability to bevel adjustments.

Make sure your saw supports bevel adjustment before you jump into buying any one of them from the market.

As more and more products are introduced in the market daily, you need to make sure that your one is the right one.

Blade Size:

It is said that the more larger you saw blade is, the more diameter you can cut through.

Most of the circular saw blades are featured with 7 ½ inch blade. These saws are more available and cheaper than the ones with a 6 ½ inch blade. The 7 ½ inches bladed saws however gives a cutting depth up to 2 ⅜ or 3 inches

However, not all the work projects are going to need this full-size blades. For average workshops, 6 ½ inch blades will be enough. These blades usually come with cordless models and provide the maximum cut depth that is smaller than the 7 ½ inches.

However, for small projects, you can aim for 4 ½ inch blades which come notably with compact saws.

These blades are quick and handy. They provide a cut depth of up to 2 inches.


Why should I buy a circular saw?

In daily life, you will need circular saws for cutting woods. However, by changing the types of blades, you can use a circular saw to cut a variety of materials such as lumbers and sometimes tiles also.

Can I cut curves with a circular saw?

Circular saws are more appropriate to have linear dissection on your wooden board. However, if you want to have gradual curves on your work board, you can have effortless and quick cuts with circular saws. The thinner your workboard is, the easier it is to create a curve.

You can also check out our collection of jigsaws (insert link here) if you are really into making curves.

How To Use A Circular Saw?

Start with marking your work materials. Place your material on the work table. Set your desired cutting depth according to your requirement. Adjust the pivoting scale to level your blade for beveled cuts.

Match your marked line with the baseplate labeled 0. Pull the trigger and activate the saw blade.

Push it slow and steady against your material. Keep doing it until the materials are entirely cut.

Release the trigger when you are done. To cut more materials, repeat the same process. Make sure to release the trigger each time you start to work.

Which Blade Is Good For Circular Saw?

Blade capacity determines the depth of cut a saw can have. Blades with 6 Inch length can cut up to 2-inch material in depth. However, the larger the blade, the deeper the cut.

Again if you are aiming for woods, a 40 teeth saw blade is good enough. Amount of teeth determines the hardness of materials you can cut up to.

How To Maintain A Circular Saw?

Start with removing the saw after use. Place it into a cleansing solution and keep it there for a few minutes. Wipe the blade’s teeth & curvy areas with a clean brush.

Place the whole package into somewhere where the moisture is not excessive. And avoid humidity.

Conclusion: Circular saws are one type of basic need in our daily life. Professionals who need to enhance their work surface cannot but deny its utility.

Hence, it is important to know about this machine and choose the best of your type. That’s how you will be able to make innovative cuts easily and enhance the profile of your shop.

But hey! Same goes for the households also. For cutting plywood to making a tree house, it is better to own a circular saw of your own than to suffer from the lack of it.

Follow our other articles to check out more exciting tools.

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